What’s the Best 10 inch Subwoofer 2017

Don’t waste your money buying overly expensive subwoofers when you can get all the bass and performance that any non-audiophile could possibly need. The pioneer TSW254R has got to be one of the best 10in subwoofer you can buy online. I have ONE of these in an enclosure in a 3 series BMW and the sound is incredible. I really can’t imagine a higher priced woofer sounding much better or producing more bass – if any at all. I’ve been a lifelong pioneer products user and they haven’t disappointed me even once. This woofer is highly recommended from a very critical user. This post will show you the best 10in subwoofer in 2017.


The Pioneer TS-W254R subwoofer is the sub for you if what you are looking for is big quality sounding bass on a small budget. This sub has been upgraded with a great new look and new features as well. This is to enhance its performance and its power handling abilities. Whether you get a sealed or ported enclosure, you are assured of great performance.

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Check out our review of the best Pioneer subwoofers 2017.

The best 10in subwoofer you can get on the market.

This sub can handle an impressive 1100watts max. (250 watts normal power).

It has a rugged cone that’s made from injection-molded polypropylene which makes the sub rigid without it being hefty. Its seamless cone design ensures you receive powerful and accurate bass with minimal distortion. Its treated form surround keeps the cone under control.It also has a stamped basket with a magnet cover for more protection.The extra venting allows for sufficient cooling of the interior so there is no thermal breakdown. It has a classic look that will go well with the interior of any vehicle. Don’t want to go spending too much on a subwoofer? Get the TS-W254R 10in subwoofer for high performance on a low budget. It will exceed your expectations!

10in subwoofers Pioneer TSW254R

Bought this sub a boss riot amp that matched the wattage specs exactly and a small sealed box, .6 cu feet if I remember right and for how small the setup is the bass impresses me! Spent about $150 on the setup not including wire, Had this setup for probly over a year and I still love it!

Video of the 10in subwoofer in action

Customers especially love the budget-friendly and superb performance features of this subwoofer. Pioneer TS-W254R truly offers “unbelievable performance for the price you’ll pay.” The combination of its frequency response rate and power handling makes it perform both powerfully and efficiently. Many customers have compared it with high-end subwoofers minus the expensive price.

2 10in subs in the back will really boost your bass.

The favorable responses are, however, not unanimous. Some customers are aware that this subwoofer is not meant to be used by hi-fi enthusiasts. The bass and performance that it offers are the ones that “any non-audiophile could possibly need.” More critical complaints are about its power handling, which is reported to barely exceed 400 watts. My 2 Pioneer Subwoofers are nice, but if you’re interested in getting 2 subwoofers check out this post.


  • IMPP composite seamless cone woofer guarantees clear, loud and distortion-free bass.
  • The sub’s frequency response rate, which ranges from 20Hz to 220Hz, further enhances the clarity and loudness of the sound it reproduces.
  • Urethane surround guarantees extended cone excursion. This surround guarantees that there will almost be no limit to which the speaker can be pushed.
  • Its mounting depth is 5 inches, meaning that it can be hooked up almost everywhere.
  • Pioneer TS-W254R is compatible with both sealed and ported enclosures and performs excellently with both.
  • Its frequency response rate, when combined with its power handling at 250 watts RMS to the impressive maximum of 1100 watts, makes this subwoofer a truly powerful and efficient one.

Pioneer TS-W254R is a budget-friendly component subwoofer that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Once you install it, you want to compare it with high-end models due to its outstanding performance. This sub features seamless cone and foam surround that give it real power and flexibility. Amazon customer rating at 4.4 stars out of 5 may boost your confidence to buy this sub and install it on your car.

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